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I See America Reading

I wrote this piece as a letter to the editor a few years ago when public libraries were on the state budget chopping block in Ohio (now reprising it, with a few modifications). Thankfully, the cuts didn’t turn out to … Continue reading

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Choose Your Own Adventure: a real-life horror story that allows you to determine the outcome

An article about the demise of children’s picture books in yesterday’s NY Times really got to me. Although I agree with a friend who pointed out that you can’t take everything in the newspapers as gospel, something about it still … Continue reading

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I like big (sesquipedalian) words

Everyone in my family has a fascination with words. We’re all voracious readers and we trade books back and forth, but that doesn’t fully explain it. I know plenty of people who read a lot, but don’t have quite the … Continue reading

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Tangents and Hyperbole

After some thought, I came up with my blog name, Tangents and Hyperbole: Mathematics in My Right Mind. (A hat tip to Susan Harris, math professor extraordinaire and, to my great good fortune, my best pal and partner in crime. … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Ooohhh…. Just received the email from WordPress: “Your account [blog!] is now active.” Now I have to WRITE!! A little intimidating, this blank space waiting to be filled up with words. When I was an art student (my college persona in … Continue reading

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