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I Want to Ride My Bicycle, I Want to Ride it Where I Like!

My sister Peg and I have started biking together on the Little Miami Scenic Trail. A pleasant exercise, because it’s uninterrupted (essentially) by traffic, and is mostly a jungle-y expanse of green, all the way up to where the path … Continue reading

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Stuff My Dad Says

Father’s Day is fast approaching. A fellow Face-Booker has a site which is a bit more colorfully-named than this post’s title, but seems to be in a similar spirit. To honor the day – and my dad – I thought … Continue reading

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I Got All My Siblings and Me

One of my brothers visited recently, and a friend asked how many brothers and sisters I have. “Wow, big family, huh?” was her reaction. Six kids? Not a big family where I came from. Long Island, mid-baby-boom, mostly Irish and … Continue reading

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