Tangents and Hyperbole

After some thought, I came up with my blog name, Tangents and Hyperbole: Mathematics in My Right Mind. (A hat tip to Susan Harris, math professor extraordinaire and, to my great good fortune, my best pal and partner in crime. I can just hear the click of my kids’ eyeballs rolling around in their heads. “Mom. Partner in crime??”).

No, this blog won’t usually concern itself with maths, as my cousins across the pond might say. But I do have a tendency (oh, so slight!) to engage in hyperbole – exaggeration and embroidery – to make a story more intriguing. And I’m sure it’ll soon become apparent that my mind has a propensity for wandering, following tangents, without my say-so. The subconscious entity in charge of keeping this train on the track  sometimes seems to be asleep at the switch, and my thoughts and words frequently don’t reach their intended destination, but I try to enjoy the side-trip.

Webster’s definition of Mathematics is, “…the group of sciences…dealing with quantities, magnitudes and forms, and their relationships, attributes, etc., by the use of numbers and symbols.” I’m sure that in my wanderings I’ll be dealing with science, relationships and attributes, and might even throw in some magnitude and symbolism, so I think that my blog title will fit right into the etymological Venn diagram that includes mathematics.


About rangermoi

I'm a former park ranger and teacher, mother of two no-longer-teenage sons, avid cook and reader and the Official Family Memory. I thought I'd better get some of those remembrances down before they all leak out of my senior-moment-affected brain!
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One Response to Tangents and Hyperbole

  1. Ah yes, the British habit of referring to math as “maths.” I always found it annoying . . . until some Brit pointed out that the word it abbreviates is indeed in the plural. Now I accept.

    I do however still find it annoying that they use a plural verb form for sports teams. I would say Manchester United IS playing Tottenham Hotspurs, thinking of the team as a single organism/organization. They say Man U ARE playing Tottenham.

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