Hello world!

Ooohhh…. Just received the email from WordPress: “Your account [blog!] is now active.” Now I have to WRITE!!

A little intimidating, this blank space waiting to be filled up with words. When I was an art student (my college persona in the hip early 70’s), my studio drawing teacher, Valdis Kupris, recognized this same phenomenon in his students. We stood frozen behind our easels, our gaze vacillating between the naked model and the equally naked paper in front of us, unsure of where or how to start. “OK,” he intoned, “Everybody take down your paper and put it on the floor!”

We all obediently dropped our large-format Strathmore pads onto the floor, and waited, curious, for his next instruction. “Now take a piece of charcoal, break it into little pieces, and drop those on the pad.”

Charcoal sticks were duly broken and dropped, as we snuck questioning glances at each other. “Now I want you to walk all over your pad and smear that charcoal around.” Lots of stamping and giggling ensued, then he shouted, “Alright! Pick up those pads and start drawing!”

Simple, but absolute genius. Without the clean, white, blank sheet yawning in front of me, it was a lot easier to make the first tentative stroke, then quickly add more and more until I had a decent representation of the subject. For a long time after that, when I felt stuck, I’d dirty up my paper a little – the artist’s version of a cure for writer’s block.

Now, writing, the first words and ideas come slowly, but after they appear, they’re swiftly followed by hundreds more, until the page is full and the story is told. Mission accomplished… for now.


About rangermoi

I'm a former park ranger and teacher, mother of two no-longer-teenage sons, avid cook and reader and the Official Family Memory. I thought I'd better get some of those remembrances down before they all leak out of my senior-moment-affected brain!
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7 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Claire says:

    Fantastic blog. Keep going, creating with words uses your wonderful mind. I enjoyed reading it. Didn’t know you were an artist, interesting life.

  2. Tara says:

    Perfectly said. You definitely should be a writer and not just on a blog, but in a magazine. How will I know when you add to your blog? Do you send an email?

  3. amy says:

    Looking forward to reading more 🙂 My blog has been going on a long time, but is more of an online scrapbook than a blog/journal.

  4. Your tone is pitch-perfect. Length too. You really have a feel for this form. Welcome to blogworld.

  5. Mary Kay says:

    nice work…ready to read more!

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