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Beautification, Irish-style

(Note: Spacing kind of crazy – still working on formatting when inserting photos!) The Irish seem to take seriously their obligation to keep their homeland looking like the little piece of Heaven that it’s reputed to be. Even though an awful lot of real … Continue reading

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Provenance of Willy Park Ambiguous

Hmmm…. Not only is the derivation of Willy Park uncertain, but there doesn’t seem to be agreement on just how it should be spelled. Witness the Willie Park Cleaners, on Willis Ave, and then Willy Parkers American Bar and Grill … Continue reading

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Origins of my Origin

 An acquaintance is making some pilgrimages to the town we both grew up in, and emailed my brother and me to see if we wanted him to take pictures of anything in particular. We did a little reminiscing back and … Continue reading

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Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees… or Does It?

Rereading an earlier post, I saw that I’d referred to my younger son, the former Mr. Pennybags, as a “scheming little businessman,” but realized that I hadn’t backed up that moniker with much evidence. From a young age, Pennybags has … Continue reading

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America’s Got Talent

Today, a friend posted a youtube video on Facebook that blew me away. It featured a cherubic-faced three-year-old reciting – from memory! – Billy Collins’ poem, Litany. I must’ve watched it five times in a row, and each time, I … Continue reading

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Life in Our Small Town: Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

My sixteen-year-old son’s obsession for the past few years is music – listening, composing and playing, so I think of his current incarnation as being a Rock Star. However, as is the case for all of us, his interests have evolved … Continue reading

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I like big (sesquipedalian) words

Everyone in my family has a fascination with words. We’re all voracious readers and we trade books back and forth, but that doesn’t fully explain it. I know plenty of people who read a lot, but don’t have quite the … Continue reading

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